Focus on freedom (through better organization)


By Angie Mattson, Your Organized Guide, Inc.

Freedom – it’s what many people really desire. It might be what you desire. Freedom from clutter. Freedom from confusion. Freedom to go, and do, and be and have anything you want. One of my clients really wanted it and finally discovered how to have it. Here’s how it went down:

We’d spent six months together working on his Five Essential Business Systems (TM), creating checklists, flowcharts, and delegation documents and more in order to help him grow his business sustainably.

When met for a follow up session, he said, “Angie, last week I had two entire days with almost nothing to do. Work was being done, but I wasn’t having to do it.”

In a word: he had discovered true FREEDOM!

I asked him what he did with some of the free time and he said, “I went home and had lunch with my girls.” Three precious girls and his wife. Lunch at home in the middle of the week. It was marvelous to hear.

So many people (you?) become an entrepreneur in order to have more freedom, flexibility and variety. To make more money. To stop working for the not-so-great boss or the company that doesn’t nurture your creative side. To actually do work you’ve always dreamed of.

Instead, the vision of self-employment can become a reality gone terribly wrong:


  • You’re working 24/7


  • Weekends and vacations – what are those?


  • Dinner at home with family just doesn’t happen anymore


  • Your hobbies – not touch in months (or years…)


  • Working on the fly isn’t working anymore. Balls are being dropped, clients are getting frustrated, money is being lost (or never collected in the first place…)


After working with more than a hundred small business owners, I am convinced the key to discovering real freedom is getting your business and your life organized.

And I know it’s something you really want.

Create and use systems – these are just organized sets of instructions, steps, or how to’s. Get yourself organized. Good, consistent habits grow a business, support your success, and your freedom.


Angie Mattson is Chief Efficiency Officer with Your Organized Guide, Inc. She’ll be presenting The Five Essential Business Systems ™ on Thursday, February 14, 2013 as part of Simplicity Organizers’ Lunch and Learn Series. Come find out how easy it is to put the power of systems to work in your small business. 


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