Entering Summer with Simplicity

Simplicity Equals Spareness
Simplicity Equals Elegance
Simplicity Equals Calm
Summer Sky
Spareness: You wouldn’t wear a wool coat or choose to eat a
heavy stew during hot weather, but summer is the perfect time to practice spareness with your things.
In less than an hour you can:
Purge the pantry of all the mysterious sauces, chutneys and mixes that you got for Christmas. If you haven’t used them yet- you won’t.
Edit your winter wardrobe as you shift summer outfits forward. If you didn’t wear the winter garment last year, it’s a safe bet you won’t wear it next year.
Toss every catalogue and all but the most current issue of your magazines. More will be in your mailbox soon and almost everything you are saving for reference can be found online (if you ever really want to find it).
Elegance: Treasured items need fewer things to keep them company. Their story fills the space nicely. Put treasures in honored places and enjoy telling their stories. Children’s art, family photos and random “sit-abouts” can all use some editing.
Calm: Streamline your calendar. The impromptu neighborhood get-together, family outing or quiet time with a book won’t happen if every waking minute is scripted. Make time so that spontaneity and serendipity can be savored. Consider these simple suggestions. They just might inspire you to make this your most organized and least chaotic summer ever!

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