College Bound

You did it!

You’re off to college and starting a new chapter in life!

So how do you get off on the right foot?

College Bound

Here are a few tips for an organized start to your journey.

You will be in an unfamiliar place populated with strangers.  Don’t panic. Campus will soon feel like home and those strangers will become lifelong friends.  Your class schedule will bear little resemblance to the one from high school.  Classrooms can range far afield, especially on a big campus.  And you’re responsible for getting to class ON TIME! YIKES!  Leave extra early for the first few weeks of the semester to get the hang of your various routes. Some classes will be back-to-back, requiring extreme speed walking with no time for conversations if you are to be on time. Even if you have your schedule in your phone calendar, a paper copy that’s easily accessible is a good backup. Print a small version of your schedule with class locations and tape it to the back of your phone or laminate it and keep in it your backpack.

DON’T SKIP CLASS! Cutting class really hurts not only your grades and your level of motivation, but also your rapport with professors. And don’t think for a minute that most professors don’t know or care if you’re present.  Even if you’re going to a big school with huge lectures, you need to be present- no matter how late you were up the night before. You never know what key piece of information you might miss.

An organized home supports an organized life. Since the dorm will be your new home, here are some tips to keep it organized:

  • Communicate with your roommate before moving into the dorm. You will save space and money if you know who is bringing what- you don’t need two of everything.
  • If you are planning on going home before the season changes, leave most of your winter clothing at home.  There will be very little storage space in the dorm.  As fall arrives, you can do the wardrobe swap.
  • Find a place to study that works for you. The library is quiet and has all the resources you need for research. If you study in your dorm, keep your workspace clear with only necessary books, notes and writing implements accessible.  Turn your phone off and settle in with the books.
  • Keep cooking and eating utensils to a bare minimum. You’re not going to be attempting to replicate mom’s home cooking!
  • Label, label, label! Living in close quarters, you’ll likely be sharing- with or without permission. Labeling what’s yours helps you keep what’s yours!without permission. Labeling what’s yours helps you keep what’s yours!

A final note…

Always: ask questions, seek help, stay true to yourself, keep in close touch with your family, work hard, and HAVE FUN!

Simplicity’s Top Recommended College Organizational Supplies:

1)         Under the bed storage containers: Great for storing infrequently worn clothes.

Under bed storage

2)        Bed risers: Raise your bed so you have more storage underneath.

Bed risers

3)         Uniform hangers-Slimline hangers are great for girl’s clothes, but as long as the hangers are durable and all look the same-that’s all that matters. Swivel hooks make it easier.

Slimline hangers

4)        Drawer dividers for dressers and desks.

Dream Drawer Organizers


Drawer organizers

5)        3M hooks-Damage free ways to organize and decorate your college dorm.

Command 3M Hooks

6)        A shower caddy to keep your belongings together and organized!

Shower Caddy

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