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Simplicity’s “Clutter Back Guarantee”

Really? Yes, really. This doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for a company dedicated to helping you organize your home and your life. But there’s how it works.

Simplicity works alongside you, teaching you how to build organizing systems and structures.  We help organize one space at a time.  And when It’s all done, Simplicity leaves you with a beautiful home– everything in its place.

All is good… then life happens.

Months and years later…

The pantry — perfectly organized and labeled for baby food — isn’t so perfect for preschool snacks.

Matching hangers for toddler clothes are too small for your growing middle schoolers.

Your “warranties and manuals’’ container overflows with information for stuff you no longer own.

Playroom cabinets organized for Legos and dress up clothes are obsolete now that your baby has a driver’s license.

Voila!  Clutter Back, Guaranteed!

The solution is simple. Staying organized is an on-going effort, and maintenance is the key to success.  Having organizing systems in place is great as long as the systems continue to make sense for your family.  Change is inevitable, so your systems work best if they can adjust to that change. Our systems are created for what is important to your life right now.  When one has outlived its useful life, move on to another one.  This is not failure.  It’s life. And if you need help, call us back. We will come back and help you adjust your organization system to your  situation.

So, don’t let yourself get stuck with an outgrown, outdated system. Make the most of Simplicity’s Clutter Back Guarantee and be open to new ways of organizing and utilizing your space. That way, we can almost 100 percent guarantee you’ll be happier, more relaxed, and clutter- free.  Guaranteed!

Client testimonial:

“When we first moved to Charlotte, we arrived with four young, active children and had to combine three moves worth of boxes into our new home. The task seemed absolutely overwhelming, as we are all memento “keepers.” With Simplicity’s agile assistance, however, we quickly made a plan for unpacking. In no time at all, we were able to work through the boxes and had everything in an easy-to-find and logical, labeled spot. I cannot begin to say what a great help it was to have such a thoughtful, thorough, receptive, professional group of organizers come help me. Once friends saw the work they had done, they were calling Simplicity as well! We continue to use Simplicity’s services with everything from office organizing to spring cleaning. I cannot say enough good things about Simplicity.”

Mary, Charlotte North Carolina

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