Clutter Back Guarantee

Simplicity’s “Clutter Back Guarantee”

Really?  Yes, really.  This doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for a company dedicated to helping you organize your home and your life.  But here’s how it works.

Simplicity works alongside of you, teaching you how to build systems and structures.  They help you organize one space at a time.  Simplicity leaves you with a beautiful home-and everything is in its place.  All is good…and then life happens.

Months and years later…

The pantry that was perfectly organized to accommodate baby food isn’t so perfect for preschool snacks.

The matching hangers that held toddler clothes are way too small for your growing middle schooler.

The warranties and manuals notebook or container is crammed to overflowing with information that relates to appliances and equipment you no longer own.

The playroom cabinets labeled and organized for Legos and dress up clothes are totally wasted now that your “little one” has her driver’s license.

Voila!  Clutter Back, Guaranteed!

The solution is simple.  Organizing isn’t a one-time fix.   Staying organized is an on-going effort.  Maintenance is the key to organizing success.  Having systems in place facilitates that effort but only so long as the systems continue to make sense for where your family is in its life cycle.  Change is inevitable.  It is important to recognize that systems aren’t carved in stone.  Systems are created for what is important to your life right now.  When one has outlived its useful life, it’s time to move on to another one.  This is not a failure.  It’s life.

So, the only way you’ll ever cash in on Simplicity’s Clutter Back Guarantee is if you let yourself get stuck with an outgrown, outdated system.  Be open to new ways of organizing and utilizing your space and you’ll be clutter- free.  Guaranteed!

Need a real life example?? Graham Hill made millions when he sold his tech start-up, but eventually he felt his swanky lifestyle was wasteful and made a drastic change, moving into a 420-foot home and scrapping the excesses. Watch more at the link below.

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