Just say no – it works.

Take these easy steps and you’ll see less junk mail and fewer phone solicitations.

  • Credit Reporting Industry Pre-Screening Opt-Out Hotline: Pre-Approved credit solicitations
    • Removes your contact information from the lists for pre-approved credit card solicitations of four major credit bureaus.
    • Call 1.888.567.8688 or go online at:
    • You can opt out for 5 years or forever
  • Direct Marketing Association: Email and direct mail
    • Stops direct-mail and email marketing.  You can also register to get a deceased family member off lists. If you are a caretaker and need to stop mail from coming you can also register in that way.
    • There is a $1 charge to verify your credit card or checkbook identity.  The DMA regularly updates its lists thus six months may pass before solicitations from all DMA members cease.
    • Go online on at and click on “Advocacy and Guidelines” then “CSR for Consumers”.  Go to the bottom of the page to register.
  • Catalogs
    • Are you getting swamped with catalogs?  Your name has probably been turned over to Abacus, an alliance of catalog and publishing companies.  To stop individual catalogs from reaching your home, contact the specific company.
    • Call 1.888.5.OPT.OUT to stop en masse mailings or email
  • Non-credit offers – coupons, flyers and catalogs:
    • To remove your name from that result from Experian’s lists call 402.458.5247
  • Resident and Occupant Mailings: Go to – a quick, free way to reduce junk mail.
  • Stop Identity Theft: Go to to learn how to prevent and stop identity theft.  On this site you can “lock” your credit report which would prevent anyone from opening a credit card in your name.
  • Do Not Call Registry: Call 1.888.382.1222  or go to and register your phone number(s) or check a registration.  Solicitation calls should stop within 31 days.

When Caring For Others, Keeping the Right Information Available Provides Relief

lorimartin head shotI was introduced to Lori Martin and her company, The Purple Martin & Co., after we discovered thatmy mother has Lewy Body Dementia. I knew I needed a way to guide my mother and anyfamily or friends that may be helping her!! They needed to know day to day information andmost importantly they needed to know all of my mother’s medications and medical history.

I was 2 ½ hours away with young children and I could not be there for her every day! I couldnot be at every doctor’s appointment or spend time everyday calling and communicating toeveryone! And if she were to have an emergency situation, my mother might not rememberher medical history, her prescription medications and her severe allergies!!

I met with Lori and explained my situation. She created notebooks for everything! We have a“Medical Notebook” and a “Home Notebook” that stay at my mother’s front door. Anyonecan see them and obtain important information about her medical history or learn vitalinformation for running her home. In addition, Lori suggested that I have one notebook containing it all! This way I would have quick access from a distance, if needed!

The notebooks are terrific and extremely helpful to everyone contributing to the care of mymother! I am not worrying as much and I am able to handle things from my home, efficiently.All of the friends and family that have helped mother have commented about how helpful andwonderful the Notebooks have been for them!!! We know they will avoid a lot of confusion and miscommunication. They will also save everyone a lot of time and stress in the future!!!  ~ Charlotte mom of two

Announcement to Moms, Dads and Caregivers

notebookBy Lori Martin.

If you take anything away from this blog, please take this to heart …

1.  You WILL have an emergency at some point in your family’s life.
2.  You WILL need to locate critical information under duress.
3.  You WILL feel helpless when trying to tend to an emergency that is out of your control.

Why am I sharing this with you?

~ I have been around this corner on more than one occasion with our family and others.

~ I have “felt” victim to our circumstances in a terrible car accident.

~ I have been unable to locate critical information when being asked the weight of my child while calling poison control.

~ I have been asked to dictate my child’s medical history to a medical technician while being more concerned with his broken elbow and screams of pain.

~ I have been in surgery while my husband had to make critical medical decisions for me on my behalf.

I want to spare you the weight you are unknowingly bearing by NOT organizing your critical information for your family.   By choosing to not organize your critical information, you are making the choice to succumb to panic in the midst of chaos.

If you need help getting started, we are here.  If you can’t find your paperwork to even know where to begin … don’t fret … we’ve seen it all.

There’s no time like the present to ensure you have woven a proper safety net for your loved ones.

Lori Martin
The Purple Martin & Co.

Organize Your Information

Beautiful example of Autumn Holiday Notebooks


The Purple Martin & Co. is an information organizational company catering to the needs of busy moms in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Based on the known fact that moms keep too much information in their heads and electronic devices, Lori Martin decided to start a business to help moms find a better solution to organizing their family data in a shareable format.

The Purple Martin & Co. creates customized family handbooks to meet each mom’s unique needs.  We capture everything from medical basics to carpool schedules to which child prefers to go to bed with the lights on.  As moms we tend to underestimate the amount of knowledge we possess and forget to communicate much of it to husbands, babysitters, mothers-in-law, etc.

Through an in-home consultation, we take the time to fully understand your information needs.  After carefully listening to your individual requirements, we will guide you through the different ways we can capture your “life of paper”.  Your “mommy data” is then put into a handbook customized to your specifications.

If you are a busy mom with a dreaded “pile” of family information (think that awful drawer you keep crumpled business cards in, the scribbled family schedule you hand to a babysitter with misinformation on it, the four different phone directories you have to reference and can occasionally NOT find) The Purple Martin & Co. can help.

In addition to family notebooks, The Purple Martin & Co. offers beautiful, custom notebooks for recipes, vacation homes, memory keeper books, and more.

Organizing Your Family Data

Lori Martin
Lori Martin

In her previous life, Lori Martin worked for investment banking firms including JPMorgan, First Union Securities and Wachovia Securities. Today she applies her strategies of organizing her work “information” to her rewarding job of “Chief Operating Mom!”

Founder of The Purple Martin & Co, a customized family resource company, Lori specializes in working with families to organize your critical information into a “family handbook” built just for you!

Mom to 3 children and wife to Andy, Lori lives the chaotic lives of everyday moms and offers advice and customized organizational resources to simplify your household management.

The Purple Martin & Co. & Simplicity work together to bring simple solutions to your home life. Simplicity specializes in organizing your home spaces while The Purple Martin & Co. specializes in organizing your “mommy data.” We have found that having an organized home goes “hand in hand” with creating a customized family handbook. Both are necessary to help control the chaos of everyday mom life and restore peace and balance to our schedules & lives.
Family Handbooks
Family Handbooks