Help Warm Charlotte This Winter

Warm CharlotteDo you have winter clothes, sweaters, coats, hats, scarves, socks, blankets, towels, and other cold weather items piling up in your home? Put these items to good use and help us warm Charlotte this year! 

Environmental exposure-related deaths, hypothermia and frostbite pose an especially high threat to homeless individuals around the world during the winter months. Without shelter and often without proper protection against the elements, those in need face constant decisions between food, medicine and sufficient attire for cold weather. It comes as no surprise that cold weather attire often takes the lowest priority in that scenario.

Simplicity has partnered with other local business owners to do some real, tangible good in the community this winter by founding Warm Charlotte. These organizations are heavily involved with Charlotte’s homeowners, and in various ways, we come across many people who own more “stuff” than they really want… or need. Many of these items are often thrown away or transferred to storage facilities, never to be seen or used again. We want to change that paradigm.

donationboxThere are many ways in which you can help, the first of which is to bring winter clothes and other cold-weather items to our mobile donation centers on ANY Sunday in November. We will be in the parking lots at various shopping centers around the Charlotte area. We will then deliver the donations to the shelters and families that need them most. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates on this important cause. You can also make a monetary donation to the cause – every donation, in any amount helps!!


Sunday, November 4th: Southpark Mall, benefiting the Florence Crittenton Home

Sunday, November 11th: Park Road Shopping Center, benefiting Charlotte Rescue Mission

Sunday, November 18th: Stonecrest at Piper Glen, benefiting Crisis Assistance Ministries

Sunday, November 25th: Cotswold Village Shops, benefiting United Family Services

We will be using Captain Clutter’s truck to accept donations at each location from 1 pm to 5 pm each Sunday in November – just  “Look for the Big Green Truck!

Who We Are:

Providence Property Management – Residential property managers specializing in working with individual homeowners who want to rent their Charlotte home or condo without the hassle of finding tenants and handling ongoing maintenance issues.

Simplicity Organizers – With their team of professional organizers, Simplicity works with individuals and families to de-clutter, simplify, and create systems, bringing order to their lives and homes. In a world dictated by deadlines, cell-phones, and endless emails, it is often difficult to maintain a balanced life. Simplicity is your solution.

Captain Clutter – Providing Charlotte’s premier de-cluttering and re-sale services across the city, “the Captain” offers the greenest, most efficient and most cost-effective solution to getting rid of all that junk you’ve been holding on to for years!

The Queen City Style – Local fashion blogger and stylist Whitley Hamlin assists Charlotte residents with creating aesthetically beautiful, stylish spaces in which to live, work and play. She also styles clothing and outdoor spaces for special events in the Queen City.

Master Bedroom Closet Organization

As seen on Laura Ashley blog

If you are like most, your to-do list includes addressing a burdened closet that’s home to old yearbooks, dusty sports gear and, of course, dated wears that may never come back in fashion. Thankfully, there is professional help for the overwhelming mess you have created.

We were fortunate to take a front row seat to the makeover of a busy mum’s master bedroom closet as she– under the guidance of professional organizer Andrea Gill of Simplicity Certified Professional Organizers— restores order to a cluttered closet.

Simplicity’s method is just that, S-I-M-P-L-E, and guides you through the painstaking task in 6 easy steps.

The first call to action is to SORT— grouping like items together by season, colour, function, etc. Take a peek at these freshly hung shirts by color and sleeve length on uniform non-slip hangers.

The second step, IDENTIFY, this is where you determine the fate of your belongings. Create four piles of what should be kept, donated, sold or tossed, keeping only what is cherished or frequently used. While the Laura Ashley dress you so brilliantly wore for graduation is indeed a treasure, it is perfectly acceptable to donate to our archive or your favorite vintage shop. It may be difficult to stay on task, but try not to leave the room until finished.

Next it’s time to MAP OUT a designated spot for each category. Frequently used items should be the most accessible. Your rainy day wellingtons go on a high shelf, and your well-intentioned but less worn yoga pants in a storage box.

Then PUT IT AWAY, everything in its own spot.

The man of the house should have a convenient spot for his shoes (rather than under the bed).

Keep a collapsible step stool like this one in your closet so items up high are always within reach.
Andrea prefers t-shirts, pajamas and such folded and put on their end in a storage box. “Filing versus stacking keeps things neat when adding to or taking away and it takes up less space,” she says.

Now you have the makings of beautiful order. To wrap things up, you will LABEL your lovely Laura Ashley storage boxes (shown) and containers with their contents (nickers, scarves, socks, etc.).

Now that you have your path to organization, take note of these expert tips to guide you on your way to organizational bliss.

  • While sorting, place any items to be relocated to another spot in the house in a basket outside the room.
  • Storage solutions are great tools, but be sure to MAP IT OUT FIRST, so you are not left with containers that don’t fit your space. Laura Ashley has a variety of shapes and sizes to suit.
  • Accessories like scarves can be visually distracting in a small space. Fold and place them in a box.
  • Add an inexpensive bar of soap or sachet to your storage boxes to keep things fresh.
  • Wire shelving can leave a mark– use a placemat under folded clothes to protect them.
  • Holding on to designer clothing that you never wear? Consignment shops love boutique and designer wears, but keep in mind they will only take the current and/or upcoming season.
  • If you have the luxury of shelving, place shoes one forward and one back. This takes up less space and makes spotting the perfect pair simple with both the toe and heel in view. Also, put your daily shoes on a shelf and seasonal and party shoes in clear boxes on a high self.
  • Invest in a valet pole to make putting away laundry easier. You can order one online or as part of a custom closet.
  • Update your system as needed and just like any well-oiled machine,  maintenance is always needed!

At last, it’s time to ENJOY organization at its best! This busy mum of two can spend more time getting lost in the lives of her children and less time lost in the shuffle.


This month we want to give you a reason to purge your obsolete, unused, unwanted, and unloved belongings by sharing the best ways to donate, sell and recycle your items.There are lots of great ways to get rid of your “stuff” and feel great doing it!

Landsdown Elementary is hosting a Book Drive the entire month of September. They are accepting new and gently used books for children ages K-5. Drop off during school hours from 8:45 am – 4:15 at 6400 Prett Court 28270. 


Children’s Items
The Harris Y is now collecting children’s clothing, toys, books and baby equipment for their annual  Kid’s Konsignment Sale
Drop-off Dates:
  • Thursday, September 20 from 7:00 – 9:30 PM
  • Friday, September 21 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sale Dates:
  • Saturday, September 22 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and Half-Priced from 1:30 – 5:00 PM
Paint Removal
It’s hard to be motivated to get rid of your old paint when the city does not allow you to put it in your trashcan.  Vincent McCullough with Trinity Painting will come to your home and take away all your old paint for a set price.  There is no better time than now to free up space in your home!
Vincent McCullough | Trinity Painting  704-582-2827

Computers and Electronics
Goodwill and Best Buy will recycle unwanted and obsolete computers, batteries, gaming systems, cell phones, software discs and other electronics.

IKEA is hosting a FREE Shred-It Event – National Secure Your ID Day on October 20th from 9:00 am – 1:00 PM

As you are switching out your closets for the season, make sure to pull out items you did not wear or will not wear again and prepare for donation or consignment. No need to store it if you will not wear it again! The Dove’s Nest and Dress For Success are wonderful organizations for women’s clothing donations. Jacob’s Ladder is a great place to donate men’s clothes. 
For other tips and ideas, visit Simplicity’s Where to Donate page.

On the Wings of a Dove

The dove has long been a symbol of peace, hope and love.  A symbol that has historically represented that the rains were ceasing, the waters would no longer rise and soon there would be solid ground on which to rest ones feet. I think the dove represents those very things for the women in the Charlotte Rescue Mission recovery program.


Simplicity had the joy of working with the brave women of The Dove’s Nest in preparation for their big move to a new location.  The Dove’s Nest is a 120-day program for women, focusing on spiritual, physical, social and psychological recovery.  Currently, 12 beds are available in the house.  The
new center will house up to 90 woman and 30 children.  The staff at the Dove’s Nest, many whom have been through the program themselves, help the women to overcome feelings of shame and isolation; years of mental, physical and sexual abuse; and lack of boundaries and structure that lead them into a life from which they are battling back. 

Doves Nest


When we arrived ready for work, the women were, too. We reviewed the day’s plan and talked about the pitfalls and costs of disorganization in our own lives. Coming from chaos in their worlds, the women at the Dove’s Nest found it easy to relate. Working in teams, the ladies sorted years of accumulated items from the attic. The women took on lead roles for this project and it was amazing to see how they cherished being involved.  There was pride in their eyes as they recognized that their contribution was not only wanted and needed, but that it was instrumental to the project’s success.

During the hours of work their enthusiasm never faltered.  The attic was awash in toiletry donations, paper towels, toilet paper, clothing, shoes, linens and decorations. Yet with just a bit of direction
they were able to take make sense of it all. Rubbish Works donated a truck and crew to help to haul off cardboard boxes, trash and items to be recycled.  Within a few short hours, items were purged, sorted, binned. Order reigned supreme!

The attic, like the lives of those in the Dove’s Nest program, had been transformed through hard work, tempered with support and cooperation.

From chaos to calm… the Dove’s Nest attic was made whole.   Simplicity was honored to work along side those women who know best the value of putting the pieces back together again.

We are looking forward to helping them move in to their new facility on Tuesday, July 10th.

For more information about The Dove’s Nest and how you can become involved visit

DN-Back Right Side1-
DN-Right Side2


Organizing Your Garage

garageIt’s time to vote for one lucky winner to take back their garage – with style! Carolina Custom Garages, Simplicity Organizers and Rubbish Works have teamed up to help one lucky Charlotte home-owner get their garage in gear – for free!

Rubbish Works will haul away the donations and trash, Simplicity will organize what remains and Carolina Custom Garages will tie it all together with their custom garage organization system.

Check out the messy garage photos of the Top 10 Finalists and select the garage you think should win the garage makeover by clicking on the heart, the Facebook Like or the Twitter Tweet under the photo of the garage you wish to win.  Voting is open to all this week. The winner will be posted on our blog on May 7th.

For those of you who want to organize your own garage, we’ve shared our organizing tips below.


When it comes to organizing, the garage suffers an identity crisis.  Is it part of the house or not?  Does it merit a high level of “spiffing “ or does anything go?  Is it a place to park cars or is that fantasy thinking?

Regardless of how you view your garage, some organizing can be helpful.  Now’s a great time to tackle this project while the weather is mild and the children are still in school.

With garages, the contents may be different from what’s in your house, but the organizing process is the same.  First, envision how you want your garage to function- what’s working and what’s not? Then, it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Sort and Purge

Everything comes out and is separated into one of three piles- keep, donate or toss.


All the keepers are stored with like kind, with most frequently used items being easily accessible.  Open wire shelving is an excellent, affordable option for keeping things off the floor and in easy reach.  Shelf height can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.  If your budget permits, a custom installed garage storage system is as good as it gets.


When practical, use clear, lidded containers for storage.   Dirt and bugs will be minimized and small items won’t be lost.


If you have a label maker, use it.  If not, consider buying one.  It’s a purchase you won’t regret.

Discard / Donate 

Don’t sabotage your project by letting trash and donations linger.  Call the city for an extra trash pickup and load the car with donations.  If you’ve got a mountain of discards, using a professional rubbish removal service to haul it all away will be money well-spent.

Finally, under “misery loves company”, take a look at the entries in Simplicity’s Messiest Garage Contest.  And for inspiration, see the winner’s before and after photos which will be posted on our blog soon!

2012 Messiest Garage Contest – Get Your Garage In Gear!

messiestgaragecontestIt’s time for one lucky winner to take back their garage – with style!  Carolina Custom Garages, Simplicity Organizers and Rubbish Works have teamed up to help you get your garage in gear – for free!

From April 11 – 27, residents in the Charlotte-Metro, North Carolina area can send in a photo of their messy garage along with a note as to why their garage should be picked to win the garage makeover.

Rubbish Works will haul away the trash, Simplicity will organize what remains and Carolina Custom Garages will tie it all together with their custom garage organization systems.

Garages can be tough places to de-clutter and organize. It is often one of the most serious problem areas in a home.  Because it’s not actual living space, it’s easy for a homeowner to let organizing standards slip.

With all the “stuff” jammed into this one space the goal of actually parking a car in the garage is abandoned.  Before you know it, a garage is no more than a storage unit attached to a home.  Without some serious elbow grease and the assistance of professionals, items in an overwhelmed garage are lost to homeowners forever.

How to Enter and Win:

1)           Take a photo of your garage.
2)          Email the following to by April 27, 11:59 pm.

  • Garage photo(s) along with your full name, home address, phone number, and email address.
  • How you heard about the contest.
  • A note telling us why your garage deserves to win.

3)          On April 30, Simplicity will post the top 10 finalist.
4)          Voting open from April 30  until May 6. 
Tell your friends and family to vote for your garage.
5)          Winner announced May 7!

Contest Winner Will Receive:

Carolina Custom Garages

  • Will provide garage storage system and free installation (flooring not included)
  • $1,000 Value

Rubbish Works

  • Will provide removal of two full truckloads of trash (including all dump fees)
  • $1,000 Value

Simplicity Organizers

  • Will provide free organizational services for your garage
  • $2,000 Value

Winner Commitment:

  • Sign waiver/contracts
  • Allow before and after photos, and allow for photos to be posted on contest website, sponsors’ company websites and blogs
  • Pay for any hours and/or supplies not included in contest
  • Participate in cleaning/organizing process
  • Write about experience for sponsors’ blogs

2012 Messiest Contest Sponsors:

  • Carolina Custom Garages is locally owned and operated out of Charlotte and offers the highest quality service and installation together with their custom garage organization systems.
  • Simplicity Organizers is Charlotte’s largest residential organizing company offering customized organizational solutions and systems in every area of the home.
  • Rubbish Works offers on-demand labor, junk removal, junk hauling, light demolition and recycling services.

2012 Messiest Contest Contact Information:
Contest Website:
Click here
to visit the 2012 Messiest Garage Facebook page.


Healthy Pathways


kimmoseleyKim Moseley says “being a Health Coach is a calling for me, not unlike a calling into the ministry. I believe in people and their potential to become all they can be.  I am a listener and love to hear peoples’ stories.  It energizes me to see people step outside their comfort zone at whatever stage of life they are in to undertake a new challenge in spite of obstacles like fear, physical or health impairments and life circumstances.  Coaching believes that people are capable of finding their own best answers and solutions in life.  My role as a health coach is to help clients peel back the layers in order to discover the answers from within and to uphold their optimal health vision, identify habits that don’t support that vision, and build new ones that do.

I have always strived to live a “balanced” life.  My balance consists of daily exercise, healthy eating, a high priority on family and friendships, community service, regular prayer and quiet time, time outdoors, reading, and eight hours of sleep.  Professionally, I have worked in the “helping” professions and most recently have had experience as a small business owner.

My educational background includes both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work.  My health coaching training comes from Duke University’s Center for Integrative Medicine. I have also completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Wheel of Health

Kim L. Moseley, MSW, LCSW
Integrative Health Coach

Closet Makeover Winner Tells All

By Melissa Lee, Closet Contest Makeover Winner.

Melissa Lee, the recent Closet Contest Makeover winner, blogs about her closet makeover experience – in 3 parts. Click on the links below to check out the amazing BEFORE and AFTER photos and see the stunning transformation.

Step 1 – Organize! Simplicity organizers, Anne Steppe and Andrea Gill, and Melissa Lee sorted, purged and organized the closet’s contents.

Step 2 – Decorate! Melissa, owner of New South Design, added her own special decorating touches to make her master closet magnificent!

Step 3 – Design & Install! Closets by Design installed the custom closet.

Master Closet Far Wall After

“The Satisfied Life”

By Anne Steppe

Many of us have heard of Charlotte’s leading lady in radio and TV, Ramona Holloway – but she and two other phenomenal ladies, Sharon Decker and Pam Stone have a show on 107.9 The Link that airs on Sunday’s from 7:00-8:00am called “The Satisfied Life.”

Simplicity owner, Laurie Martin and I were honored when asked to come on “The Satisfied Life” to discuss organization!  We had a blast talking about the importance of shaping a vision for your space, practicing time management, and involving children in the process of creating organizational systems.

We enjoyed our time with the ladies from “The Satisfied Life” and hope that you will take time to listen. 


(Please allow up to a minute for the broadcast to load.)