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Believe it or not, the new school year is just three weeks away! It is time to start preparing for the transition from laid back summer days to new routines and schedules.

 It’s Time to Get Organized!!

Laurie Martin of Simplicity Organizers has been busy getting her clients ready for school and helping them start the year off on the right foot. She shared a few tips with me to share with you. 1) Make a checklist for all the school supplies needed for the school year. Typically schools provide a list of recommended school supplies. Be sure to take your list with you when you go shopping. Each child should be responsible for shopping for his/her own supplies. Make this a family trip. Create a place near where your children do their homework, to store all the school supplies.


2) Organize the backpack. Backpacks are very helpful for storing and carrying school supplies. Before organizing your backpack, make sure it is completely cleaned out from the previous year. Be sure to stock backpacks with the necessary school supplies. Assign each compartment of the backpack so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. If the weight of the backpack is a concern, wheeled backpacks are available.

3) Create a system for school papers and artwork. Artwork and papers can easily flood an entire room. Set up your system before the first day of school. As a family, decide what system you are going to use. Not every piece of paper can or should be kept that arrives home from school. Set up a bulletin board or a special place in your home to celebrate each weeks best work. Either toss the rest, file what is important, or store the work in a tub that will needed to be purged at the end of the year. Take a picture of the artwork or school project. A good rule of thumb is to keep no more than 5 pieces that best represent that year. 4) Plan and pack lunches ahead of time. Prevent emergency grocery runs by planning ahead! Review school lunch rules and guidelines. Keep pantry and refrigerator stocked with healthy choices. Meet with your children to plan lunch ideas. Pack lunch after dinner and refrigerate overnight.

5) Create new routines. Routines help establish security and confidence in a child’s life. Regular schedules provide a framework that allows children to learn how to manage their time and attention. Children thrive on repetition. It is important that children understand what is expected. Effective routines help keep a family organized. Simplicity is a professional organizing company dedicated to helping you make your life easier. If you feel like you need more balance and organization in your life….call Laurie Martin and her team to develop a customized solution and system tailored for you and your individual needs.

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