Back-To-School Organizing Party

Recently, Simplicity Organizers and the Lori Martin, the owner of the Purple Martin and Co, teamed up to host a BACK-TO-SCHOOL Organizing Party for the 6th grade girls of Trinity Episcopal School!  As if the lure of “sweet surprises” was not enough, these 6th grade girls arrived eager to learn new organizational tips and strategies that would help them transition to Middle School.

Lori and her own 6th grade daughter, Emma, hosted the party at their home the weekend before school started to help everyone get a jump start for the school year.

Both returning and new Trinity 6th grade girls mingled as they filled up small white bags with some of their favorite candy. This sweet surprise helped keep energy and enthusiasm high throughout the event.

Next the girls participated in an icebreaker game in which they discovered fun facts about each other. By this point, everyone was well acquainted, full of sugar, and ready to learn new organizational techniques

Simplicity Organizing Coach, Catie Eller, facilitated hands-on activities for the girls to learn the new strategies and apply them to their own situations. In a group brainstorming session, the girls discovered a wide range of reasons for why it is important to be organized.

Next, Catie Eller discussed the importance of time management and planning ahead. After sharing several tips, each girl was given an opportunity to devise her own morning routine. The routines were then framed so they could be put out as a visual reminder.

Organizing Backpacks and Lockers-BEFORE and AFTER!

One of the fundamental principles of our Simplicity Kids curriculum is to allow the student to play a large role in setting up their own organizational systems. Working together in teams, the girls had to figure out the best way to “organize” a backpack or locker.  Through problem solving and teamwork, they all learned ways to use the pockets effectively and eliminate the build-up of loose papers. 

Day Planners and Notebooks

Day Planners are a wonderful tool for recording more than just school-work. Middle School students must also keep track of sports, extra-curricular activities, upcoming social events, and trips. To maximize their usage, we discussed how often the girls should check their day planners (at least 3 times a day!) and ways to highlight important events.

Each Trinity 6th grader carries one primary notebook to hold all of their class notes, handouts and tests. The Purple Martin and Co. provided cute paper for each of the girls to use to decorate the front of their notebooks while Simplicity shared strategies for keeping track of homework and signed papers, in addition to setting up a filing system  at home to keep their binder from overflowing.

We covered a lot of organizing material in just two hours! Each girl also took home a bag filled with candy, a customized notebook, a framed morning routine, and a handout with organizational tips and strategies!

While the candy might not last past the first week of school, hopefully the organizational tips and techniques will last them a lifetime! Thank you 6th grade girls for such a productive, fun Sunday afternoon!

If you are interested in having Simplicity and Lori Martin, with the Purple Martin and Co. host an Organizational Party for your children, please contact us directly for more details.

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