Ants, Raisins & Coins – Oh My!

By Laurie Martin

Clean Kidz

Due to my struggles with infertility, I was the last of my friends to have a child.  However, I did uncover one benefit: hand-me-downs.  I cannot fully express my gratitude for all the burp cloths, onesies, clothes, bibs and toys that have been passed down to me over the past few years.  I am grateful for these recycled gifts because I secretly have a hard time justifying spending money on items my child will quickly outgrow.  Gently used clothing and toys not only saved me money, but also a lot of time.

Carson Tate, the owner of Working Simply called me soon after my daughter was born and asked me if I wanted her daughter’s Britax car seat.  Carson was having a hard time finding a place willing to accept the carseat as a donation, so instead of throwing it away, she thought of me. And of course, I was thrilled.  She was relieved it was going to a good home and I was excited I didn’t have to buy a brand new car seat!

My daughter still used an infant bucket seat because she was not big enough for the Britax car seat, so I stored the car seat in my garage for the next few months.  When she was ready, my husband set about the installation process.  That process soon came to a screeching halt when he saw what was behind the seat cushions.  After glancing at some unidentifiable objects, he made one suggestion: get a new seat.

In the days following, I happened to drive past a company called Clean Kidz on my way home.  Right away I noticed that Clean Kidz cleans strollers and car seats.

I googled Clean Kidz contacted the company, and introduced myself to Lee Phillips, one of the owners.

Clean K-1

I told him the situation and he said,  “No problem.”  Just a few days later, he was in my driveway, ready to clean!

Who would have guessed what we found inside a seat that looked perfectly normal on the outside.

Clean K-2

But once the covers were removed, lots of hidden and unidentifiable objects began to be revealed. Including raisins, bugs, and pocket change.

Clean K-3

5 Simple Steps in the Clean Kidz Process!


Step 1-Remove the cover and shake all the contents out of the seat.

Clean K-4


Clean K-5

Step 2-Set up the cleaning station!

Clean K-6

Step 3-Use an industrial steam cleaner to wash the seat, the cushion, the straps, and don’t forget-the buckle!

Clean K-7

Step 4-Finish cleaning the skeleton of the seat

Clean K-8

Step 5-Check out the transformation!


Clean K-9


Clean K-10

The seat cleaning service did not end here!  Lee also taught me how to install the new clean seat!

Clean K-11


Clean K-12

It was a great day.  I recycled. I reused. And I supported a local business.

Now, I am using Clean Kidz to clean my stroller and car seat every 6 months.  You never know what finds its way into such a small space.

Clean K-13

A special thanks to Carson Tate for letting me tell this story and for Clean Kidz for a shiny,clean car seat!

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