“Thank you so much for helping me find a home for my piano with the Charlotte Bilingual Preschool! Knowing that it will be played again and bring joy to children is very comforting. This piano is dear to my heart and I have struggled with letting it go in my need to downsize. Thank you for being a company that helps find homes for personal belongings that are no longer useful. You went above and beyond and reached out to the community on your own, and found an excellent, quick solution for me! I am so grateful for the time and effort you gave to make this happen.”

– D. Glover
“I am thrilled as usual! You all did an amazing job and my spirits are so lifted seeing these key places so neat and organized. I absolutely love the work you do and enjoy being around you too. “
– Angie Zimmern


Thank you so much for helping me lift my burden of clutter and disorganization. I feel like I am stepping out into a new phase of life. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Actually, I tried, but I just needed a professional to help me. And I found you.
~Ina Cottingham


I told my husband I want more hours with Simplicity rather than a gift because having them organize my life is the best gift anyone can get; it brings peace of mind, more productivity and allows me to save more time in my life to do the fun things rather than always searching for things.
~Courtney Rogers


I just cannot reiterate the major positive change Simplicity has made in my life… I truly feel calm and in control for the first time I can remember.
~Laura Monk


Working with a Simplicity Kids Organizing Coach is awesome. They know what to do and how to do it. I learned that organizing your space has many benefits. I will maintain the systems by putting away everything I take out and not leaving it in a mess on the floor. My overall experience was great. Simplicity taught me how to organize my room and keep it that way. I would recommend a professional organizer to my friends because having an organized space is the best thing ever. It is so easy to find everything.
~Sydney Perry, age 11


If you’ve ever felt that you were drowning in your papers and detritus, I have a solution for you. Hire Simplicity. I have struggled with my inefficient style of handling papers for over twenty years.  I hated to commit to paying someone to help me with something I thought I could do on my own, but then I thought of all the money and time I’ve wasted through losing and misplacing papers. I took the plunge and now I think it’s money well spent. ”
~ Bridgett Bell Langson


Seeing my family photographs in albums gives me such wonderful joy. For years I have put off the “photo project nightmare” because it seemed too huge to even begin to tackle…and those were just the small projects! And then I found Simplicity. I whole heartedly recommend Simplicity for any and all photographic needs and simply cannot put a price tag on the albums they have created for me thus far.
~Beth Purdy


Simplicity’s Rightsizing Program has been such a blessing to me!  After having two children and living in our house more years than we originally planned, the stuff in our house began creep everywhere leaving no room for the things we really use or need on a daily basis.  The team arrived and within three appointments, many trips to Goodwill and the dump, my family moved out of our house and moved back in the right way with the things that we need in our life now.  I plan to use the team on a regular basis to keep my family not only organized, but streamlined too.  Thank you!

~Amanda Keaton-Ranier


Our family hired Simplicity to help us with two moves in a 12-month period. Our experience was awesome! With three young children, we were dreading the moves. We decided to move into a temporary house for an unknown period of time. As step one, Simplicity helped us de-clutter our entire home from top to bottom in just two working days. My husband and I were amazed. The process was actually “fun” and empowering. The Simplicity team also helped us determine items for storage and items for the rental house. They labeled everything and honestly, made the process clear, easy and manageable. Once we closed on a new house, Simplicity came back and transformed our permanent home. Again in two working days, the Simplicity team helped us unpack boxes, separate items by room, and set up our new home in a way that is systematic and streamlined. Simplicity offered wisdom, experience, advice and service. The team was energetic, honest, hard working and lovely to be around!  My husband and I agree that hiring Simplicity was best dollars we spent during our moves. The pricing was fair and the service was outstanding.“

~Esther Farnham


Simplicity was such a great help and wonderful to work with.  I am so happy with Simplicity’s services and I will continue to sing their praises!
~ Tricia Wright


I can remember the day my life was turned upside down – inside out! I lost my husband in a tragic car accident. My new life as a single Mom, coach, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and real estate agent began to consume my time and take over my entire house!I found myself in bondage with “clutter” that I had accumulated over the past 14 years! I was unable to purge sentimental items and could not keep my office organized. It was an embarrassing site and off limits to everyone.

I knew I needed to get organized and simplify, but I did not know where to start this process. After one week with this awesome team of professionals, I now have my life back! My house is once again my sanctuary. I feel so liberated and back on track with the things that I love doing! I could not have done this by myself, and would highly recommend this trustworthy company to anyone who has been unable to get organized and suffocated by clutter! 

I thank you, Simplicity! My children thank you! And thank you, Simplicity Kids Coaches, you are Angels!!”
~ Kendall Phills


The Simplicity team was so wonderful to work with. They weren’t judgmental or harsh. They were just gently leading me to make the decisions that would transform my home into the place I knew it could be. And the best part is that I feel I can maintain this order. Thanks to their encouragement and help, my space is now a chaos-free zone! I felt relaxed and in my happy place, secure in the knowledge that your team has taught me a better way of living…
~Martha Allen

When you are married to an entrepreneurial husband, own your own business with a home office, three teenagers and two dogs, life is not simple. I was really frustrated with how disorganized the house felt and how I was constantly trying to get organized. Simplicity helped me understand how to use each room and the storage space we had for maximum impact. They even helped me with our master bedroom closet. I am so happy with our home again and how easy it is to stay organized.
~Joan Wright


Simplicity changed our lives, both at home and the office. As a mother of three and a business owner, I had little or no time to set up both my home after a renovation and my office after our most recent move. On both fronts they delivered a new environment that is organized to suit my family and business lifestyle and needs. They provided all the necessary systems and functional components required to give us a hassle free and functional living and working place. My family and office staff could not be happier. We are now living simply!
~Emma Littlejohn, MIRM, The Littlejohn Group


Simplicity helped schedule and prepare for the move, then oversaw the entire process and set up our new house in an organized, efficient way that made sense and that I can maintain. Within three days we were in our new house, the boxes were unpacked and removed and artwork was on the walls. It was the biggest move I have ever done and thanks to Simplicity, it was also the best moving experience I have ever had.
~Katy Wroble

Simplicity truly helped me focus on my priorities. Their guidance in organization made me more effective in daily office management and far more productive in sales as a pharmaceutical representative. I feel I am better prepared to meet the needs of my varied customers while covering a large geographic territory.
~Elaine Fairy

I consider myself an organized person. In fact, most of my close friends and colleagues would use “organized” as one of the first three common descriptors about me. I hope the next two adjectives would be stunningly beautiful and really fun. HA! Although I felt fairly organized, I began to feel strangled by my “stuff” and stressed out by every inch of space in my house. I was using all of the space– but not well. In fact my husband and I thought we needed to move because we did not have enough room.  Simplicity came to my house and worked efficiently and effectively to give us more room-literally and figuratively.  We all breathe easier because we are using our space better and with a greater sense of where things “live” in our house. Their work has helped create good organizational patterns for my two children, 8 and 6.  This is a seasoned, professional, non-judgmental crew: full of good ideas, great energy, and forward movement. Yeah Simplicity!  (PS we are not moving)!
~Elizabeth Kiser


Preparing for a new baby in a 1,600 SF home with limited storage made me feel anxious and incredibly stressed about how I would cope with all the new changes coming. I didn’t know where we were going to store a diaper let alone a stroller. Simplicity not only helped with our nursery, but also organized all of the other critical areas in our house and my brain. We now have a system, a place for everything and we still have some empty shelves and drawers! The organizers were warm and engaging and also offered some great advice for future projects. Coming from a family of “stuff”, I have a new appreciation for living a simple life and hope to free up more time to enjoy with our growing family.        

~ Rhea Greene