Raised in Gaithersburg, MD, Jen earned a Fashion Merchandising degree from James Madison University. She worked for J Crew and the May Company in the Washington D.C. area after graduating from college. Jen married her high school sweetheart and moved to Charlotte where she led a national team of merchandisers and headed up the bridal registry program for Springs Industries. For the past sixteen years, Jen has spent the majority of her time raising her four children and honing her organizational skills. She enjoys exercise and spending time at the baseball, softball and lacrosse fields cheering for her children. Joining Simplicity seemed like a natural progression for Jen who has always had a passion for organizing and discovering ways to live simply.

Favorite space to organize: One of my favorite areas to conquer is the garage. Removing every item, sweeping out debris and donating those old beach chairs, bikes, and old sporting equipment opens up room to create a space that is welcoming and easy to pull your car into each time you arrive home! It is also fun to create storage zones for recreational equipment, gardening tools, auto care supplies, and paint cans so items can be easily accessed when needed.


Originally from Oklahoma and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from Oklahoma Sate University. After graduating Shyla lived in Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, back to Boston, New Jersey and now in Charlotte for the last eleven years. Shyla believes that being organized with her life has created the ability for her to move and quickly adapt to new settings without feeling overwhelmed. She has three children and loves spending time traveling with both her immediate and extended family. Also in Shyla’s free time she enjoys being outside either exercising or watching her children play sports.

Favorite space to organize: I love determining the most efficient and effective way people can stay on top of their paper in the home office.  Creating new systems to help manage each family member’s calendar, as well as a system for all incoming mail is extremely rewarding.  


In six years Betsy moved three times and is now finally settling down with her husband and two kids in Charlotte.  Moving several times with two little ones gave Betsy the organizing bug and is what motivated Betsy to join Simplicity’s Team.  Betsy graduated from Miami University with a BA in Psychology and Speech Communication but found herself working in the retail industry for ten years working both in sales and buying.  After her kids were born she decided to be a stay-at-home mom for seven years until her kids entered grammar school.  Betsy is happiest when cooking for friends and family.

Favorite space to organize: One of my favorite things to do is cook, so it is not surprising that my favorite room to organize in the house is the kitchen!  I love the challenge of figuring out where to put all the kitchen equipment, gadgets, children’s dishes, everyday china….the list goes on and on.  It’s a puzzle I like to put together.


Kara was born and raised in New York and received a Bachelor’s degree from Pace University in Marketing.  She worked in Manhattan for 10 years in pharmaceutical sales then moved to Charlotte for her husband’s job.  Kara left her pharmaceutical sales job to focus on raising their children. Kara is about to be an empty nester with 2 teens in high school.   Kara enjoys yoga, exercise, and has finished 4 marathons and numerous triathlons, despite having a glioblastoma brain tumor. Kara is defeating all odds with her brain tumor and is joyful to get up each day and help others in need.  Kara loves a sense of accomplishment and the ability to let go of the old to make space for the now.

Favorite space to organize: At the beginning of every summer, I always re-organize the pantry, my son’s closet, and my master closet.  I’m a strong believer in maintenance when it comes to organizing. Purging your house 1-2 times a year will keep things functioning.


Robin was raised in Bristol VA, married her high school sweetheart, and soon followed her life long dream of being a mom.   Robin and Beau moved to Charlotte in 2004 for Beau’s job.  Robin, a formerly stay-at-home mom of four children, ranging from 9 to 17, has become efficient in every aspect of being a successful homemaker.  Keeping her family and home well-organized made her realize this was something that she both enjoyed and excelled in. She has served in many facets in the schools, served as pack leader for the Girl Scouts and a valuable volunteer in her church.  She learned early to focus on the most important things and let the rest go.  Schoolwork, food, and special events surely fall in the “most important category.”

A full life- family, friends, pets, work and all the paraphernalia these entail, has caused Robin to search out the best possible ways to keep a busy life on track.

Favorite space to organize: I get ridiculous satisfaction from organizing and maintaining homework stations.  From throwing away old crayons and markers to putting fresh ones in, I love knowing that the study area is equipped and ready for the afternoon. 


Lori graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where she received  a degree in Fine Arts. After college Lori began a career in Commercial Production, where she was able to put her visual and organizational skills to to work. Lori later worked in the Advertising industry, then moved into the world of Interior Design. After multiple moves between the East and West Coasts, she focused on learning to live with less.  Friends began encouraging Lori to  pursue a career as an organizer so she could put her natural abilities of being organized to work by helping others. Organization comes naturally to Lori and is a gratifying experience for her. She helps her clients recognize where they too, can simplify their lives and homes. Lori enjoys yoga and spending time with her 2 boys, Joey and Jordan.  

Favorite space to organize: There is nothing better than an organized master closet.  I like to purge old, unworn and unloved clothes, shoes, and accessories to take a closet from full and frumpy to  fun and fabulous.


Originally from Columbia, SC, Jessica was the first graduate to receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication from the University of South Carolina in 2005. Jessica and her husband married and moved to Charlotte in 2006, where she worked as an Art Director for a local advertising agency and most recently as the Marketing Communications Manager for Trinity Episcopal School for the past 8 years.

With a love for organization, planning and an eye for design, Jessica strives to share her gifts and inspire others to find purpose and joy in their lives. Jessica and her husband adopted their daughter last year, leading Jessica to enter this new chapter of life — finding balance between staying home with their daughter and working. Jessica enjoys time with her family, traveling, coffee, meal planning, cooking and gathering around the table with friends – new and old.

Favorite space to organize: Organization is purposeful and empowering and brings about a feeling of freedom that I love. Whether it is a closet, pantry, bookshelf, or even photos on a computer – I love a good organizational challenge!


Kim is originally from a small town on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, and occasionally needs to jump in the car for much needed ocean therapy when feeling landlocked. After college at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, she started what has been most of her career in the financial services industry with NationsBank (now Bank of America).  She moved to Charlotte in 1996 to climb the corporate ladder and spent most of that time sharpening her skill set and focusing on communications, change adoption, and project management. Kim also had an opportunity to work with a friend’s virtual training company for 5 years and would wear many hats from managing the day to day operations to negotiating contracts and implementing programs with clients such as Citi, US Bank, Yahoo and Abbott.  

Kim is married to Sam and together they are striving to balance life’s crazy challenges while raising 2 kids and a dog.  Kim is excited to follow her passion for helping others be successful and implementing systems that work for everyday people to make their lives easier.

Favorite Space to Organize: Kim’s favorite place to organize are those small spaces – where you need to make room in an organized way for your things – be it your closet, pantry, or office.


Since a young age, being organized has provided Blair with the foundation to be confident, responsible, and happy. She believed everything had a place, and was organizing her family’s pantry on her own at the age of 5. After graduating from the College of Charleston in 2004, Blair moved to New York City and took a job on Wall Street. The fast-paced atmosphere and sharing a tiny apartment demanded consistent organization to avoid being overwhelmed. However, for Blair it was not simply a chore, she enjoyed helping her roommate and friends purge and style their wardrobes, but never imagined it could be a career.

At Simplicity, Blair has found a fantastic team who share a passion for organizing and together show clients how to transform spaces and create and maintain harmony in their homes and lives.

Favorite space to organize: Style and helping people be stylish have always been a passion of mine, as a result, my favorite space to organize is a master closet.  I enjoy helping people sort through their clothes and accessories to help them determine what they truly love and need for their lifestyle. 


Jess was born and raised in New York on Long Island. From a young age, she began working with special needs children in a camp setting, which gave her the “organization” bug. She quickly realized that the kids were more successful when activities were organized and expectations were clear. After attending Providence College in Rhode Island, where she received a BA and met future husband Brian, Jess spent twelve years as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey. She continued to use her organizational skills to help her students succeed. Her classrooms were always neat, organized and color coded, which encouraged an effective environment for learning. Recently, Jess and Brian relocated to Cornelius with their daughters, Riley and Skylar, and their dog, Sawyer. Along with this change, Jess decided to make a change in her career as well. She is thrilled to have found Simplicity, where she can put her love of organizing into helping others find the peace and tranquility that comes with an orderly life.

Favorite space to organize: Being the mom of two small children, I love to purge and re-organize playrooms! I find that, as a general rule, less is more. Children tend to play more effectively when they aren’t overwhelmed with an overload of options. Having a handful of fun, age-appropriate choices allows children to be more focused and makes playtime more enjoyable. I also find that keeping toys and games neatly organized in bins that are labeled with pictures helps children learn to clean up and get in the habit of putting toys back in the proper place.


A Charlotte native, Sarah has a Bachelor of Science degree from Mars Hill University. She & her husband, Kurt, have two children, Morgan and Wil . After a career in medical sales, a stay-home-mom sabbatical, then working almost 16 years for her church and leading numerous international mission trip teams, Sarah was excited to join Simplicity in February of 2016 to pursue her passion of all things organized. Through work, family, and friends, Sarah always found her greatest gift for others was helping them become organized. Whether it was in the details of an travel itinerary, a school schedule, school committees, closet clean-outs or re-arranging the furniture for a more functional, appealing look, each outcome produced a calmer, more relaxed, simple way of life. A sense of peace she is able to share with others.

Favorite space to organize: Closets and pantriesThrow out, donate or sell anything you don’t need or use. Don’t be afraid to let go of items you think you might wear or use in the future. Live for today, for your family, for your current circumstances, keeping only the items you need and want now. Letting go of so much of the stuff we all collect over time is invigorating!


Originally from southern Ohio, Katie moved to Charlotte in 1989 after receiving her B.A. in Housing and Interior Design from the University of Kentucky. She has more than thirteen years of work experience in the facility management and commercial furniture/construction industries, but started out her career in residential furniture and lighting sales. In 2009 Katie began her career in organizing after being home for several years with her children. The passion for organizing developed at an early age for Katie who was happy spending an afternoon in her room cleaning out and reorganizing her shelves or closet. When not working with a client on a project she is working on her own, ever changing, organizing solutions for her home and for her family. Katie is married and has two children. She loves to read, vacation at the beach and spend time with her family. She is also active with volunteer projects – coordinating events and more.

Favorite space to organize: Every summer before school starts in the fall I work with my children to pare down, deep clean and organize their rooms. Organizing my children’s rooms with them creates such a feeling of accomplishment, preparedness, and an overall calmness for the entire family as we approach what can be an anxious time in all our lives.


Lauren grew up in Buffalo, New York, but happily relocated to Charlotte in 2015. She received her degree in Communication from the University at Buffalo, and then pursued starting her own business in the pet care industry for the following seven years. She has always had a strong passion for organizing and keeping things neat and tidy, which led her to join the fabulous Simplicity team! Lauren believes that living a simple organized life will help bring a sense of tranquility and freedom to you, both personally and professionally. Knowing where everything is and having it easily accessible will make your daily life stress-free. She absolutely loves helping others and transforming a space to meet the needs of a client.

Lauren enjoys spending time with her boyfriend David and her dog Lincoln. When not working, she loves being in the outdoors enjoying nature, hiking, traveling, exercising, and spending time with her family and friends.

Favorite space to organize: I love organizing small spaces: pantries, linen closets, refrigerators, and cabinets. By using clear, labeled storage bins, I am able to see when items are running low. This organizational process allows me to easily put things back where they belong so I can keep these small spaces free of unwanted clutter.  


Anne received her degree in Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Asheville where she was also a member of the university’s Division I Volleyball team.  Before joining Simplicity in 2011, Anne was the Recreation Ministries Director at Covenant Presbyterian Church for 12 years.  Anne feels a deep sense of calling to the field of organizing.  She enjoys the journey of guiding people into the realization that their lives are not to be defined by the amount of stuff they own, rather the experiences in which we engage. Anne is passionate about speaking to groups and organizations as a way to further share her message, that in order to fully embrace and live in to ones calling on their life you must rid your home and life of the unnecessary “life plaque,” that builds up over time.  Anne and her husband, Jon, enjoy a full and blessed life with their son, Cody and dog Abby.

Favorite space to organize: I love to take a chaotic, overwhelmed office space and give it an attitude adjustment!  Nothing feels better than putting the paper bully in its place! Offices should be lean, mean, efficient working machines.  The satisfaction of getting an office ship-shape is the best!  


Melissa is a born and raised Canadian. She grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario and graduated from Ryerson University with a Journalism degree. Now, married to her high school sweetheart and living in Davidson, NC, Melissa and Jamie have two young children. She has always had a passion for organizing and being a stay-at-home mom for 7 years allowed her to develop that passion within her own home. Melissa believes that organization saves time and stress and creates a peaceful and calmingenvironment for the whole family. When given the opportunity to help expand Simplicity into the Lake Norman area, Melissa was eager to share her passion and knowledge of organizing with others.

Favorite space to organize: I absolutely love to organize closets. From children’s closets to master closets, it is amazing to purge and create a space that is calm, organized and maintainable. It feels great to walk into a closet and know exactly where everything is.  


Originally from Florida, Jennifer moved to Charlotte in 2015 with her husband and their now 3-year old son. Jennifer graduated from the University of Central Florida and was an Elementary School Teacher for five years. After her son was born, Jennifer pursued her passion for home organization and interior decorating. Jennifer helps her clients with fresh ideas and creative solutions that make a difference. She loves to make things pretty yet functional!

Favorite space to organize: Garages, Playrooms and Closets. Procrastination does not get you far. So I just like to roll up my sleeves and get it done!


bnac-logo-color-box1-1Lorin was born in Charlotte, but quickly escaped North Carolina for the more tax friendly state of South Carolina. She graduated from Fort Mill High School in 2006 and Presbyterian College in 2010 (Go Blue Hose!). During high school and college Lorin interned at BNA, an accounting firm based in Rock Hill, but like true love she didn’t really understand what she had until it was gone. She decided to work at a few other companies directly after college – AmWINS Group, Kuester Companies, and MetLife – before she realized that her work love was staring her right in the face: BNA. She made her triumphant return to BNA in 2014, where she helps companies manage their books and payroll, as well as does financial and tax planning. She’s been working with Simplicity and keeping them out of jail since December 2014. Lorin has a dachshund named Sadie and currently lives in Rock Hill, SC.

Favorite space to organize: Simplicity’s books and records. It’s important to keep the organizers’ organized with the right technology and systems – just like organizing a house!

In memory of AMY PATWA

Amy grew up in Charlotte and graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Psychology and Child/Family Development. After teaching Pre-Kindergarten for two years, Amy accepted a position with Young Life from 2006 to 2011 as the Regional Administrator. In June of 2010, Amy was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. She immediately started inductive chemotherapy, which lasted 6 rounds. Amy underwent 33 radiation treatments that were completed in February 2011. After experiencing some pains in her chest, many tests and a biopsy confirmed that her cancer was back in July 2011. Amy’s faith provided tremendous support during her enduring battle with cancer. Using her life experiences, her passion for relational ministry, and serving others, Amy helped our Simplicity’s clients learn to simplify their lives. Amy was survived by her husband, Adam, and their beautiful daughter, Charis.