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Simplicity Organizers Codify Project Scientist’s Educational Supplies

Professional organizers and scientists share some of the same attributes. Both are able to visualize a final outcome – by strategic plan and scientific method respectively – and set a goal to achieve it. Maybe this is what peaked Simplicity Organizers interest in Project Scientist. They jumped at the opportunity to provide the Charlotte non-profit with a donated day of expertise and manpower to develop an organizational system for PS’s expansive experiment supplies.

Project Scientist engages and empowers girls, ages 4-14 that have a passion, talent and aptitude for science, with an opportunity to expand their interests. By offering workshops, after school programs and summer camp opportunities, Project Scientist helps to maintain a keen interest in STEM fields for these talented girls and give them the confidence to pursue science as a career.

With a mission of their own to change their clients’ perspectives on their possessions and help them to identify what is most important, Simplicity Organizers knew they could give Project Scientist a helping hand with moving and organizing their ever-growing experiment supplies to a storage building in NoDa.

Simplicity team member, Betsy House, graciously agreed to take on the task at hand. Along with Deb Fletcher and Katie Puckett, they packed up bins, boxes and loose baggies full of experiment supplies such as batteries, popsicles sticks and balloons. With the help of PS Project Director, Shelly Biby, they moved everything the Uptown office to a 10 by 10 feet storage unit in NoDa.

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Betsy House, Shelly Biby and Deb Fletcher getting it together at the Project Scientist’s storage facility in NoDa.

“The problem was that they were trying to do too much with one space. The office workspace was cluttered with all the experiment supplies,” House said. Shelly Biby added, “To say it was a little crowed would be an understatement.” The Simplicity team felt that a system needed to be put in place that was intuitive and easy for everyone involved.

Project Scientist 3

The storage hallway was packed with plastic bins and loose experiment items that needed to be separated.

Team leader House comes by her organizational skills honestly. Her background is in the retail industry where she provided wholesaling expertise for Ralph Lauren. The work taught her to visualize clothing displays that allowed for enhanced customer flow. Her planning and visualization skills cross over nicely to her work at Simplicity.

Using six, four-tiered, six feet high wire shelves, team members set about labeling and alphabetizing the experiment supplies. The concept allowed for greater efficiency, especially because Project Scientist relies on volunteers who pull supplies for classes, and then must return them to bins for future use.

Project Scientist 2

Betsy and Deb work organizing plastic bins in alphabetical order.

“The key is maintenance,” added House. “It doesn’t stay organized unless you are diligent about putting stuff away.”

Project Scientist is moving into its busiest season of instruction, five weeks of Project Scientist Academy, their yearly summer camp. Simplicity’s generous donation of time, expertise and manpower is invaluable to the educational experiences of these young scientists. “It’s definitely making a difference already. It’s clear what we have now that each item has its own space. This will make our lives so much easier” Biby said.

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Guest Blog by Nancy Thomason