Swap Til You Drop!

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How to throw a successful Clothes & Accessories Swap Party

Still have that top you found on sale that never quite fit? Tired of
seeing photos of you in the same statement earrings event after

Just because you are no longer wearing pieces in your wardrobe does not mean those items are not great! Most women have a jam-packed closet but say they have little to wear. The old 80/20 rule applies to clothes.  Most (80%) of the time, we wear a small portion (20%) of what we own. You should rid your closet of items that don’t make you happy and confident.

A clothes and accessories swap is the perfect way to go shopping without spending a dime

while having a fun time with your friends.

5 Simple Steps to Hosting a Swap Party

1) Determine your guest list. Invite local friends whose style you


2) Try to keep the guest list below 12. It’s easier to manage.

3) Specify the type and minimum number of items to bring, as well
as what season. For example: Spring/summer tops, bottoms,
belts, handbags, and jewelry, minimum of 12 items. Make sure
all items are in good condition.

4) Set up like a boutique. Consider a rolling rack for hanging
clothes, tabletops for folded tops, jeans and accessories. Have
multiple mirrors (one full length if possible).

5) Draw numbers. To avoid a free for all draw numbers of who gets
to shop first, second, third, etc.

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Have fun trying on lots of items and don’t forget to give fashion advice!

Remember, just because an item has become stale in your wardrobe does not mean it can’t be new and fresh in your friend’s. Guiltlessly enjoy scoring a new wardrobe while cleaning out your own!


The Queen City Style’s Simplicity Closet Makeover


Just because I love fashion doesn’t mean I am orderly about it.  Overall, I think I am an organized person, but the right brain side of me always seems to creep into the picture.  I guess that’s what you called organized chaos.  In this month’s Charlotte Parent Magazine,  I shared Four (unexpected) Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of them.  My husband and Precious Peanut #1 have been at ski school since Thursday, and while being with Precious Peanut #2 for four days with zero break is utterly exhausting (holla if you hear me), I always seem to get so much more done around the house when there’s only one.  I’m going to take a quick moment just to say after taking my creative frustration out on our yard and patio, I think it is now borderline Charleston Gardens material. My closets have made some progress as well, thanks to the mad organization skills of Simplicity Professional Organizers.

Here is the BEFORE…

My Closet Before Simplicity Entered My Life

My Closet Before Simplicity Entered My Life

And now, here is the DURING, then the BEFORE again and the AFTER…


Here’s the thing.  Could I do this on my own?  Yes.  Do I have the time, energy or interest?  The time, no, but you make time for something that is important.  Energy or interest?  H E double hockey sticks to the NO.  With all the hats I wear, just taking the time to figure out where to start with a project like this was daunting.  Simplicity came in and, BOOM.  They told me exactly what I needed to do and what tools were needed to fix the problem. Some of the biggest changes you will see are the coordinating hangers, the amazing clear shoe boxes, my husband’s new shoe rack, the hanger for my baseball caps and the biggest thing… Jon was given the task of literally raising the bar.  Did you see how bad that clothing bar was hanging?!  Bravo!

If I never get that extra bedroom turned into a closet all for myself in this house, I’m gonna make the best out of what I have.  I still want to paint the interior and change the lighting and perhaps throw down a little rug for color.  Having professionals like Simplicity come into your home is an indulgence, but it is completely worth it.  I know for a fact ain’t no mama out there going to argue with me that this one is better than…….. a pedicure!

By Whitley Hamlin


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Quit Trying – The Paradox of Success

Quit Trying

The Paradox of Success

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” We’ve all
been on the giving and receiving end of this hackneyed and
flawed piece of advice. Trying doesn’t breed success so
consider the Jedi alternative.

Yoda famously says to Luke Skywalker, “Try not. Do. Or do
not. There is no try.“ Trying’s just an attempt, a stab, a Hail
Mary-with little expectation of success.

When we say we are trying we don’t really have to do
anything. “I’m trying to get organized. I’m trying to tame my
calendar. I’m trying to control my shopping habit.” So what?
Saying you’re trying means you don’t have to actually do a
thing. It also provides a built in excuse for the failure that is
almost ensured by trying rather than doing. And trying
really, really hard is no more fruitful than plain old trying.

You either do something or you don’t do it. “I got organized.
I didn’t get organized. I tamed my calendar. I didn’t tame
my calendar. I controlled my shopping habit. I didn’t
control my shopping habit.” Trying is effectively the same as
not doing these things.

Trying is a verbal crutch that we employ to ease the pain of
failure. This may sound like linguistic gymnastics, but it’s
much more. Whether you’re trying or doing sets the stage
for success or failure. Language is the vehicle of our
intention. The way we talk informs the way we believe and
the way we believe changes the way we behave.

Maybe it’s time to quit trying and just do it.

Here are three suggestions:

1. Eliminate the word “try” from your vocabulary. It is a
worthless word that accomplishes nothing other than making
you feel better when you fail.

2. Decide either to do or not do. If you don’t want to do
something, fine. Don’t do it. But don’t pretend that trying is
the same as doing. They are two completely different stances.
With a shift in self-perception from “I try” to “I do”, we
enhance our chances for success in whatever arena we’re

3. Commit completely to the outcome you want. Go for the
win. Don’t settle for merely trying. Rather than striving for
change, just change. In the words of the footwear giant,
“Just do it.”