Client’s Perspective – Garage Organization

A collection of “stuff”—the product of 45 years of marriage, an art business, a medical practice, and a mother’s collection of almost eighty years; a mindset of keeping everything, not sure if valuable; all of our 40+ year old daughter’s toys; collectibles from living in Germany—all of which make up general clutter and disorganization.  Having lived in our current house for almost three years, the cars had never been in the garage.  In addition our health and stamina had diminished.

All of these factors together caused a major sense of frustration—a knowledge that something needed to be done, but just not knowing where to start.  AND picking the right day to start.  AND having the energy to persist after we started.

Fortunately, our daughter won a Simplicity visit at a silent auction and had such a good experience that we decided to try the service.

From the initial Needs Assessment consultation by a Simplicity organizer, we felt confident in their plan.  The days leading up to the actual organization day, we completed our homework.  Captain Clutter was scheduled to arrive several days later (and on the day of the formal organization) and removed items to be sold, donated, or trashed.  We found a sale on the storage containers that Simplicity suggested and purchased durable shelves on sale at Lowes.  We began to move out things that would, in our minds, impede progress when the Simplicity staff arrived.

Then the organizing day came.  Three team members arrived and after an orientation to our house, work began.  In short order, the garage was emptied.  These were the hardest working young ladies I have ever met.  We were asked about each item, and after a decision, each was placed in an area for Captain Clutter, keep, or undecided.  This presented probably the most anxiety, for many items had sentimental value; some were expensive when we bought them, but technology had overtaken the value; some we thought we could not live without, even though we had not used some items in over twenty years.  Day 2, the ladies put together the shelving and began organizing our “shopping area” in the former bonus room.  All of our china, collectibles, and granddaughters’ toys are in this room.

What was the final outcome?  Having the garage and bonus room organized lifted a terrific weight from us.  We learned several things about ourselves—we can give up things, make value judgments, and stay organized.  Our experience with Simplicity was outstanding and rewarding.  We have continued to work along the theme of organizing.  Our master closet is almost done. We are currently working on the pantry.  All of our family photos have been digitized.  All important documents have been scanned into the cloud, and we are generally making order out of our chaos.

Garage Organization

The overall experience was great.  Simplicity did everything that was proposed. These are the hardest working young ladies I have ever met, highly recommended, and we will carry on the organizing torch as our health permits.

By Tony Canupp