Solutions for Parenting with Simplicity

In the new year, Charlotte parenting guru Wendy Petricoff and our very own Simplicity owner and organizing expert Laurie Martin have teamed up to assist you in getting your home and children in order!

Want to teach your child valuable organizing skills but don’t seem to have the parenting skills to get them to follow through? This workshop is for you!

This three week workshop is full of customized take-home plans to help get your family in order, teach your children organizing skills AND give you the parenting tools to follow through!  

Make your new year’s resolution to get organized a reality and sign up today for this three week workshop!

Parents of Young Families: February 4, 11, and 18, 7-8:30pm

To register call  704-366-5007
Cost is $115 per family / $105 for JCC members 

Classes held at the Jewish Community Center, 5007 Providence Road
Click here  for more information.


The So Good


The SoGood is a platform for connecting small, service-based businesses with savvy consumers.  This powerful recommendation-based network relies on the endorsements from friends and colleagues and is a place to discover and connect with the best local businesses.   The mobile app consists of artists, makers, and entrepreneurs whose skills, art, goods, and ideas serve one purpose: to make life SoGood.

How does the SoGood app work?

Open the free app on any iPhone or iPad, log in using your facebook account and browse by category to discover businesses vetted by the SoGood team and reviewed by your friends. Simply chat with the business in real-time via the app’s easy messaging system. Take it another step and make a recommendation by choosing an award for a stellar business – from the ‘SoChic’ designation to the ‘SoPro’ status.

Simplicity is listed as a local vendor on the site!  To check us out:

1) Download the app: theSoGood

2) Select Home & Garden

3) Select Organization & Management

4) Tap on Simplicity Organizers

5) Scroll down to the bottom to make a recommendation


Hillary Crittendon

Hillary Crittendon

Laura Martin

Laura Martin

To learn more about why Hillary and Laura created the SoGood visit

Facebook: @TheSoGood
Twitter & Instagram: @TheSoGoodCo


A Perfect Christmas

puckettstockingsIt is the day after Thanksgiving and the Christmas tree and all the decorations are up.  The labeled holiday decoration containers are put back up into the attic.  A few presents are wrapped and under the tree.  The remaining gift shopping and holiday to do’s are scheduled on the calendar with flexible timeframes to ensure most everything is done before the kiddos are out for winter break on December 21st.  Lists are made, travel plans are complete, and teacher gifts are purchased. All is going according to plan except…that was last year.


This year, the day after Thanksgiving we were still at my parents after deciding to stay another day to spend time with family.  The Christmas tree was not purchased until one week after Thanksgiving after the entire family recovered from an upper respiratory virus that caused the kids to miss at least two days of school each.  The outdoor family cat (who had disappeared for two weeks before Thanksgiving) was recovering in the house for a week after a ten day stay at the animal hospital due to a near-death experience.

Currently, the containers with tree lights and ornaments still sit in the front hall from the first attempt at beginning the decorating process with the kids.  The bottom half of the tree is still dark after two strings of lights that decided to go out at the top and middle of the tree were finally repaired. The remaining containers of decorations have yet to come down from the attic. And last but not least, we are getting back to normal since my parents left on Monday after coming to stay with us as I recovered from outpatient surgery the Friday before. I have not done any of my Christmas to do’s and I now have eight days before the kids are out of school on break.

I normally would be a frantic person this time of the year even if everything was going according to my plan.  My husband always works with Santa on a couple of the kids items on their lists so I can focus on other things. I have already simplified my Christmas by not sending out cards for the last several years, and yet I would still be totally consumed with the remaining lists and to do’s saying to myself that I can relax when it all gets done. Well, a funny thing happened when I was forced to slow down this year.  I found peace in NOT having it done.  I found peace in the present moment.

Those six days when the virus went through the whole family, we spent time together and took care of each other.  We laughed through moments of misery and were grateful for being able to feel good again.

The four days after my surgery brought more of the same. As I tried to go take a nap during my recovery from surgery instead of getting upset because it was too loud to sleep, I listened to the sounds in my house. The laughter, the talking, the running up the stairs…I don’t think I have ever truly appreciated that sound!  And the smell of the comforting aroma of my Mom’s homemade chicken rice soup!  I could never duplicate that on my own.  When I was forced to be still, my senses overflowed with what life is all about.

This Christmas season simplify your to do lists, take time to be still and give yourself the gift of “presence” this year.

Tis the Season of Simplicity

Christmas lights are going up around town and the music holiday music is playing in the stores. Santa is checking his list for the second time. Do you have yours?

Long lines, filled parking lots, and picked over shelves unfortunately causes unnecessary stress. The following tips can help you develop a plan so that you can give your loved ones heartfelt gifts without breaking the bank – or your feet.


1. Create a master gift list

List the names of people that will be getting a gift, set a price limit for each, and stick to it by marking them off your list as soon as you get their gift. Take advantage of this printable gift tracker: Gift Tracker_1-1.0!

Gift tracker



2. Start early 

It is never too early to start thinking of what you are going to give this year. The long lines and heavy traffic only get worse during the holiday season.  Preparing ahead of time will help you take advantage of sales and avoid the last minute shopping frenzy – just remember to add it to your list with the hiding place!


3. Create your gifts 

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts don’t have price tags. Show someone you care by baking cookies, making salad dressing, or creating a digital photo book or calendar. If you are really crafty, knit a scarf or needlepoint a pillow.


4. Give experiences rather than material goods

Plan a family trip instead of purchasing individual gifts and create memories together. Give your grandchild a series of karate lessons or art classes. Surprise your spouse with a weekend away to a place you’ve both wanted to explore. Treat your mom to a day at the spa or your parents to theater tickets.


5. Make a donation 

Giving to a charity that your loved one feels strongly about, in their name, show that you know them well. It will be appreciated, is clutter-free, and can be budget friendly.


6. Draw names

For large families or group of friends, drawing names simplifies the process and allows people to spend more time finding a thoughtful present.


7. Gifts that keep giving 

Gift cards and season passes are great for people who do not splurge on themselves. Consider an annual pass to the zoo for your nieces and nephews or a subscription to Cooking Light magazine for your foodie friend. Give the same book to a group of friends and host book club after the holidays. Or treat a loved one to the gift of organization with a Simplicity gift card!


Tis the season for simplicity. So say no to stress and over spending and enjoy the true joys of the holiday season.