Staying Organized through the Holidays

 What is most important to you during the holiday season?


Can you believe we are only 19 days away from December!   The holidays are around the corner and it is time to start planning and preparing.  Despite the chaos of finding perfect gifts for everyone, coordinating family schedules and celebrating general holiday merriment, we often lose sight of the reason for the season! This year, put an end to the chaos by refocusing on what YOU find most important during this holiday season.

Whether your “most important” is spending time with family, creating a home environment that reflects your love for the holidays or reflecting on the spiritual purpose of this season, allow your priorities to dictate how you spend your time, money and energy. The following principles will help you to stay focused on what is MOST important and learn to let the rest go!

  • Have a plan: Facilitate a family meeting and discuss what will be most important to your family during the holiday season. Create and/or schedule activities that support your family’s vision and feel the freedom to say no to the ones that don’t. If your family plans to exchange gifts, decide whether you will draw names or purchase for everyone.
  • Purge and de-clutter: Amidst the general busyness of the season, let your home be a place of peace and simplicity. When pulling out your decorating, take a few extra minutes to purge the items that you no longer use or love! Not only will there be less to keep up with, you will save time packing your “keeps” away at the end of the season.
  • Enjoy the present moment: It is the simple things that truly make the holidays special!  During the rush of shopping, wrapping and planning for holiday parties, family gatherings, and travel – make time to be in the moment. Turn off technology and reconnect with the memories that you are making!

If holiday shopping, wrapping and running errands are taking time away from how you want to spend your holiday season, then Simplicity’s personal assistants may be able to help. If your decorations or home feel less than peaceful, then call a Simplicity organizer!

And remind yourself again what is most important to during this season.


Simplicity’s Holiday Organizing Services include:

  • Taking decorations out of storage before the holidays and putting them away after the holidays.
  • Making suggestions on simplifying decorating for the holidays.
  • Assessing current storage containers and recommend any changes.
  • Donating any unwanted items and discarding any damaged items.  No reason to hold on to items you are no longer using!
  • Purchasing, wrapping, and delivering gifts.
  • Updating address book and printing labels for Christmas cards.