2013 Lunch and Learn Series

Thursday, January 24th

A New Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

-Presented by Robin McCoy, Simplicity Organizer

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”  Ben Franklin  

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” Mark Twain.

Are you in Franklin’s camp or in Twain’s? Most of us are somewhere in the middle, but wherever we are on the continuum, we’re all driven by habits.  We’ll discuss procrastination and what it’s costing you.  We’ll look at the science of habits- how we form helpful ones and how we can break self-defeating ones.  Guidelines for establishing and maintaining order in your life will be shared.

Thursday, February 14th

Organizing Your Small Business

Angie Mattson, Owner of Your Organized Guide (www.yourorganizedguide.com)

You’ve heard the clichés about being a business owner – you wear so many different hats and you’re constantly juggling all the balls.  At some point, your small business feels like it’s running you! In this session, we’ll uncover the Five Essential Business Systems ™ which eliminate your overwhelm, create time and give you control of your business (and your life) – all without losing your mind. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of how business systems positively impact your bottom line.


Thursday, March 14th

Organizing Your Papers

-Presented by Anne Steppe and CPA-Nesha Pai Singer (www.paicpapllc.com)

Taxes season is here! Simplicity has partnered with CPA financial specialist, Nesha Pai Singer to review record retention guidelines, answer looming tax related questions, and help you streamline and create a new paper archival system. What to keep and what to purge will be discussed, as well as systems for “taming the paper tiger”.  For an additional $5, you can bring personal bags of shredding.  A ‘SHRED-IT’ truck will be on-site to professionally shred your documents.


Thursday, April 18th

Rightsizing Your Life

-Presented by Robin McCoy, Simplicity Organizer

Have you had a shift in your family or living situation? Do you anticipate a major life event- retirement, becoming an empty nester, welcoming home a boomeranger, selling the big house?  If so, this session is designed for you.  We’ll use Rightsizing Your Life, by Ciji Ware as our springboard.  (You do not need to buy or read the book in advance.)  The emotional and psychological challenges of major life changes will be our focus but plenty of practical suggestions and strategies for weathering such a change will also be discussed.


Thursday, May 16th

Getting Organized for Family Travel

-Presented by Anne Steppe and Andrea Gill, Simplicity Organizers

Does getting ready for vacation exhaust you?  If so, learn some easy and practical techniques for planning, packing and “battening down the hatches” for departure.  Preparing for family travel by car and by plane will be addressed and specific suggestions will be offered for packing for spend-the-night camps.


Thursday, June 6th

Organizing for College

-Presented by Catie Eller, Simplicity Organizer

Yes, summer’s just begun, but mid-August will be here before you know it.   Start your preparations now to avoid any last minute hassles.   Emphasis will be on both organizing for academic success and for peace and harmony in the dorm.  If you have packing lists and suggestions from college, please bring them along.  This session is geared for both students and parents alike but either can attend solo. 


Thursday, August 29th

Creating Systems and Routines for the New School Year

-Presented by Catie Eller and Laurie Martin, Simplicity Organizers

The sand has been shaken out of the beach bag and now it’s time to concentrate on the book bag.  With the tips and strategies we’ll offer, we can help you start off on the right foot.  Emphasis will be on managing busy schedules and establishing routines.  We will also cover setting up a homework area, buying supplies, organizing the book bag and packing healthy lunches will be covered. 

Thursday, September 19th

Organizing to Create a Closet of Personal Style

-Presented by Laurie Martin and Whitley Hamlin, Owner of the Queen City Style (www.thequeencitystyle.com)

Is your closet stuffed to the gills and yet you never feel like you have anything to wear?  If so, this session is for you. Organizer, Laurie Martin, will offer tips and strategies on organizing the keepers and how to thoughtfully donate or consign the rest.  The style maven, Whitley Hamlin, creator of the Queen City Style, will show you how to streamline your wardrobe and develop your personal style. Get ready for a whole new you!

Thursday, October 17th

Hoarding: The First Steps to Recovery

– Presented by Dr. Andrea Umbach, psychologist at Southeast Psych and Founder of the Charlotte Anxiety Consortium (www.drandreaumbach.com)

Simplicity Organizers observed the extreme emotional, psychological, financial, and mental effects of a diagnosed hoarder                        when they worked on the television show Hoarders, hosted by A&E.  Hoarding stories are often fascinating to listen to or watch on television,  however when you or a close friend is struggling with hoarding, you experience first hand the devastating effects.  This session is appropriate for anyone who would like to better understand the serious impact of hoarding. Dr. Andrea Umbach, who specializes in the treatment of hoarding and anxiety disorders, is passionate about assisting others in their quest toward improved functioning by learning new skills and making positive changes in one’s life.

 Thursday, November 14th

Organizing for the Holidays

Presented by Anne Steppe

The holidays…they’re back!  If last year’s decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping and gifting left you exhausted and stressed, this year can be different.  Learn how to focus on what really matters and let the rest go.  Tips will be offered on time management, setting priorities and the nuts and bolts of streamlining your holiday traditions so 2013 is your best holiday season ever.


Cost:$25 per person if you register on-line.  $30 at the door.

Free for all Junior League members who register through the JL membership site.

Each attendee is encouraged to bring gently worn clothing items for men, women, or children.  These     items will be donated to the Junior League Warehouse.


What to bring: A salad topping to share.

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