On the Wings of a Dove

The dove has long been a symbol of peace, hope and love.  A symbol that has historically represented that the rains were ceasing, the waters would no longer rise and soon there would be solid ground on which to rest ones feet. I think the dove represents those very things for the women in the Charlotte Rescue Mission recovery program.


Simplicity had the joy of working with the brave women of The Dove’s Nest in preparation for their big move to a new location.  The Dove’s Nest is a 120-day program for women, focusing on spiritual, physical, social and psychological recovery.  Currently, 12 beds are available in the house.  The
new center will house up to 90 woman and 30 children.  The staff at the Dove’s Nest, many whom have been through the program themselves, help the women to overcome feelings of shame and isolation; years of mental, physical and sexual abuse; and lack of boundaries and structure that lead them into a life from which they are battling back. 

Doves Nest


When we arrived ready for work, the women were, too. We reviewed the day’s plan and talked about the pitfalls and costs of disorganization in our own lives. Coming from chaos in their worlds, the women at the Dove’s Nest found it easy to relate. Working in teams, the ladies sorted years of accumulated items from the attic. The women took on lead roles for this project and it was amazing to see how they cherished being involved.  There was pride in their eyes as they recognized that their contribution was not only wanted and needed, but that it was instrumental to the project’s success.

During the hours of work their enthusiasm never faltered.  The attic was awash in toiletry donations, paper towels, toilet paper, clothing, shoes, linens and decorations. Yet with just a bit of direction
they were able to take make sense of it all. Rubbish Works donated a truck and crew to help to haul off cardboard boxes, trash and items to be recycled.  Within a few short hours, items were purged, sorted, binned. Order reigned supreme!

The attic, like the lives of those in the Dove’s Nest program, had been transformed through hard work, tempered with support and cooperation.

From chaos to calm… the Dove’s Nest attic was made whole.   Simplicity was honored to work along side those women who know best the value of putting the pieces back together again.

We are looking forward to helping them move in to their new facility on Tuesday, July 10th.

For more information about The Dove’s Nest and how you can become involved visit http://charlotterescuemission.org/category/programs/dovesnest/

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