Give yourself the gift of time, not stress, this holiday season!


When it comes to decorating for the holidays, less really is more.  Keeping it simple not only allows you to enjoy the process, but it frees up more time for all of the other tasks that go with preparing for the remainder of the holiday season.

Here are my favorite tips on how to de-stress your holiday decorating process:

1. Have a plan. For my family it has become a tradition to buy our tree and put up our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. Knowing what we are going to do ahead of time keeps me from worrying about when I can fit it in with the rest of the things I need to accomplish the rest of the month.

2. Less is more. Do not worry about decorating every nook and cranny of your home.  Too many decorations can create visual clutter in a space.   A wreath on the door and a favorite centerpiece on the table are perfect complements to the focal point of a beautifully decorated tree.

3. Group like items together. Whether it be holiday teapots, Santas or snowmen – displaying a collection of similar decorative items together is not only a fun way to show off your favorite holiday collections, but it creates a sense of order to the decorating process.

4. Purge as you go. Incorporating key organizing tips to the decorating process by purging items that you no longer use, or that are broken or worn looking from age, will make the clean up process more efficient.

5. Have appropriate containers. To prepare for putting your items away make sure you have appropriate containers (preferably clear) labeled by room or collection for a quick and easy clean up.

And last but not least…my favorite tip of all:

6. Enjoy the present moment. It is the simple things that truly make the holidays special!  During the rush of shopping, wrapping and planning for holiday parties, family gatherings, and travel – take a moment every once in awhile to just be in the moment.  Laugh with your children, enjoy the decorations you took the time to put up, and take in the smells of fresh baked cookies as they come out of the oven.

Happy Holidays from Simplicity!

Announcement to Moms, Dads and Caregivers

notebookBy Lori Martin.

If you take anything away from this blog, please take this to heart …

1.  You WILL have an emergency at some point in your family’s life.
2.  You WILL need to locate critical information under duress.
3.  You WILL feel helpless when trying to tend to an emergency that is out of your control.

Why am I sharing this with you?

~ I have been around this corner on more than one occasion with our family and others.

~ I have “felt” victim to our circumstances in a terrible car accident.

~ I have been unable to locate critical information when being asked the weight of my child while calling poison control.

~ I have been asked to dictate my child’s medical history to a medical technician while being more concerned with his broken elbow and screams of pain.

~ I have been in surgery while my husband had to make critical medical decisions for me on my behalf.

I want to spare you the weight you are unknowingly bearing by NOT organizing your critical information for your family.   By choosing to not organize your critical information, you are making the choice to succumb to panic in the midst of chaos.

If you need help getting started, we are here.  If you can’t find your paperwork to even know where to begin … don’t fret … we’ve seen it all.

There’s no time like the present to ensure you have woven a proper safety net for your loved ones.

Lori Martin
The Purple Martin & Co.

Simplicity’s Personal Assistant Services

todolistBy Amy Patwa.

You may have experienced the benefit and relief of having a Simplicity Organizer come into your home to help organize a room or two (or 3 or 4).  Or perhaps they set you up with the exact system you need to keep track of your files, papers, records and important family keepsakes.  Then they leave.  You may feel a tad bittersweet as you say good-bye to your organizer.  Yet it feels so good to have that filing system in place and everything labeled accordingly and your playroom finally organized.  Ah, a burden is lifted.

But then life happens.  Kids need carpooled.  Bills need paid. Groceries need shopped.  Notes need written.  Emails need gone through.  Phone calls need returned.  Gifts need bought.  Papers need filed.  Errands need run.  And the list continues.  That is where our new Personal Assistance service comes in just the right time.

This is a new service offered to current clients to help you keep up with what the Simplicity organizers put in place.  Our Personal Assistants (PA) are available when you need them, whether it’s weekly, twice a month, or monthly. If you find yourself overwhelmed again but don’t need re-organized, then the PA service is right for you.  Designed to help you maintain the organization and systems set up by our professional organizers, you and your PA will decide what is the best fit for you.  We know that the list is important, yet we don’t want it to become more important than the time you can spend with your family and friends.

Please contact us if you are interested in the Personal Assistance Service.  You can also check out our website for a list of services that our included.

I am so glad that I finally decided to commit my time and money to hire a personal assistant through Simplicity. Amy and I have worked through many an office job that I had been putting off for years—yes, years. She is also training me how to keep current with all the office type home management chores I must do. Personally, Amy is a delight. She keeps us hard at work, yet we have fun while working. If you are wondering if you should hire an office assistant through Simplicity, then you should. Do it now. You’ll wish you had done it even sooner.-Current Client, Bridgett Bell Langson


Simplicity Kids and Simplicity Teens

Catie, Simplicity OrganizersWhat parent hasn’t had a late night or frantic, early morning, rescue mission for their child’s missing homework assignment? Like that illusive missing sock in the laundry room, homework has a way of ending up anywhere —  under the bed, between the car seats, or crumpled down into the recesses of an unorganized backpack. The consequences of disorganization can affect the whole family, from wasting time to straining relationships.  Sadly, this cycle often causes children to become frustrated, unmotivated students.

If you are a parent who finds themselves in this situation Simplicity is here to help!

Prior to working with Simplicity, owner Laurie Martin taught elementary school and identified the skills that students most need to succeed on their own.  Out of this awareness, Laurie combined her passion for teaching with organizing and developed two curriculums… “ Simplicity Kids” and “Simplicity Teens”.  Both are designed to help children and teens create order in their home and learning environment.

Through a series of one-on-one sessions with a Simplicity Coach, the curriculum helps students identify their personal learning styles, strengths, and interests and apply that understanding by designing customized, organizational systems. Sessions include Organizing your Home Life, Organizing your School Life, and Time Management, a skill that each of us could use help.

Our approach makes working with children fun, engaging, and empowering so that your child will gain essential skills to last a lifetime.

Laurie is joining efforts with one of the newest members of the Simplicity team, organizer Catie Eller, to transform students’ lives using the Simplicity Kids and Simplicity Teens curriculum.  After receiving a Master of Arts in Teaching from UNC Chapel Hill, Catie went on to work with students in Atlanta and Houston.

From developing a study skills curriculum, to advising students through the college application process, Catie has just about seen it all. In addition to coaching with Simplicity Kids and Teens, Catie also runs Custom College Consulting, an independent college counselling organization designed to assist families through the college search process. Both Laurie and Catie fuse their educational backgrounds, love for working with students and passion for organizing to guarantee success in coaching your children.

Perhaps the greatest gift a parent can give themselves and their child this holiday season is time with a Simplicity Coach.  If your student’s backpack is causing stress in both their life and yours, contact a Simplicity Kids Coach today to learn more about how we can help bring peace through organization to your family.